Campsite and Touring Caravan Park in Somerset with FREE WIFI - The Old Oaks
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Old Oaks WIFI - Frequently Asked Questions

Old Oaks WIFI is now 100% free of charge!

Q. How much does it cost to use The Old Oaks WIFI?
A. Nothing. It's 100% free for all guests staying at The Old Oaks.

Q. Will I get a good reception all over the park?
A. With 7 access points around the park, we've tried to ensure that there is coverage throughout. However, there may be some pitches closer to the access points with better reception those further away.

Q. What sort of WIFI service can I expect?
A. The Old Oaks WIFI is perfect for checking and sending emails, surfing the web, internet shopping etc.

Q. What about watching iplayer and live streaming of TV, films, etc?
A. Due to our rural location, antiquated BT lines and distance from the main exchange, our current system is not guaranteed to deliver uninterrupted service if accessing iplayer and other activities requiring high bandwidth, particularly when the campsite is busy and there are many guests accessing the WIFI system. It is recommended that guests bring their own TV's for watching digital TV.

Q. How many devices can I use?
A. Every pitch can be issued with 2 logons on request.

Q. Is the connection secure?
A. Yes, 100%.

Q. My laptop cannot find the Wireless network.
A. Many laptops have a small switch or software setting to turn on the Wi-Fi radio, please check your manual. On Dell laptops it is Fn + F2 keys.

Q. My laptop connects to the Wireless network but after I move the signal gets weak.
A. We have installed multiple Access Points (APs) and you may get better reception from another AP. Windows won't look for another AP unless it completely looses the signal. To tell Windows to check for the best signal right click on the blue flashing "computer" icon in the tray by the clock and select repair.

Q. I can receive email from my existing ISP email account but not send it.
A. Some ISPs require that you have different email settings to send email when on another network - contact your ISP for more information.

Q. How do I get an email address?
A. Gmail is good email solution, it will work on any PC, on any Internet connection with just a username and password. Gmail is available for free - visit for more information.

Q. What can I do to make my computer more secure?
A. Windows Update is very important as it automatically updates Windows with all the security fixes. Click Start then All Programs then Windows Update.

Q. What about spyware?
A. Microsoft has a free AntiSpyware program called Windows Defender - visit the Microsoft web site for more information.

Q. Do I need to buy Firewall software?
A. Microsoft now includes a Firewall with Windows which you will get if you run Windows update.

Q. I connect but get a "DNS error" when I open my browser.
A2. You may not have DHCP enabled, please enable DHCP in your wireless network connection (from Control Panel).
A1. You may have security software running such as "Norton Internet Security", you will need to set your security software so that you can connect to the Wi-Fi network - please check your security software documentation.

Q. Can I make phone calls using my computer?
A. Yes, a leading provider is Skype;

Q. I have a question not covered above.
A. Email with your question.


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